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Stringer’s Ridge

McKee Foods understands the value of Stringer’s Ridge as both an urban oasis and historic site. The forest offers trees that benefit the ecosystem as well as stunning views of downtown Chattanooga. Protecting this green space is a priority to

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Bauxite Ridge

Bauxite Ridge, a natural property behind McKee’s existing employee fitness center, was once sighted for residential development. Now, this beautiful landscape will be preserved and developed into an area designed for community use – not only for McKee employees to

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The Outdoor Happiness Movement

Outdoor happiness has a different meaning for everyone: Whether yours comes from taking a stroll or riding a bike, the important thing is to get up and get out.

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Meet the McKee Family

McKee Foods is more than just a brand, it’s a family-run company known for giving to others and doing business with integrity. Join McKee Foods in its mission to get the country outside.

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City of Collegedale, City Park & Greenway Improvements

Efforts by McKee Foods to improve the Wolftever Creek Greenway and City Park in Collegedale, TN are adding miles of pedestrian trails safe for running, walking and family fun.

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Chattanooga Riverwalk

Also known as the Tennessee Riverwalk, this Hamilton County project has provided miles of public trails along the picturesque Tennessee River. McKee, along with many other supporters and volunteers, is working to continue extending the trail to ultimately stretch 22

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Project name

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